IIESL New Head Quarters Building


Institution of Incorporated Engineers - Sri Lanka

Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka, (IIESL) established in 1977 was incorporated by an Act of the Parliament of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

The membership of the IIESL consists of Fellows, Members, Associate Members, Associates and students. The present membership of the Institution is in excess of 4000. The members elected as Fellows and Members of the Institution are categorized as Incorporated Engineers, a professional sector recognized by the engineering and technical communities of the world. The Fellows and the Members of IIESL can use the designations FIIESL and MIIESL followed by I.Eng. 

IIESL has a wide opening for personnel of all levels in the field of Engineering Technology. Thousands of its members are holding responsible positions in almost every development programs in the island and around the world.

IIESL is an internationally recognized society of Engineers in the field of Engineering Technology. IIESL effectively manage construction, operation and maintenance of projects with the utilization of technology at it's best.

Objectives of the Institution of Incorporated Engineers - Sri Lanka

1.    Ensure powerful focus in the society of the role of Incorporated Engineer.
2.    Meet the need of Engineering Diplomates to develop their skills and knowledge by continuing
       professional development.
3.    Offer facilities to all members for exchange of information and transfer of technology.
4.    Set standards of Educational & Engineering proficiency and maintain them by continuing
       association with industrial and educational process.
5.    Set an Examination structure to qualify for membership.
6.    Ensure supply of quality Incorporated Engineers to meet the industry demand.
7.    Speak with powerful voice to those outside the profession in Sri Lanka and Internationally.
8.    Co-ordinate all related activities on national relevance, international recognition, innovation,
        creativity and quality education and training in Engineering Technology.
9.    Serve public interest in creating wealth, health, safety and environment at high quality.
10.  Find strategy to influence government policy for sustainable technological, social and economic
       development of the country.
11.  Express opinions and act as suitable on issues of relevance to national interest.